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Wolves In The Throne Room Blazes Through 'Born From The Serpent's Eye'

True to its name, Wolves In The Throne Room has always painted between the lines of barbaric and regal. For over a decade it has been this between-space that has driven WITTR's power; burning black-metal riffs communing with mystical folk and ambient music.

On 2014's Celestite the band fully indulged ambient synth undercurrents, which made its last album more Popul Vuh than Cascadian swarm (and perhaps tested the patience of longtime fans).

WITTR's forthcoming Thrice Woven isn't so much a return but a reclamation, featuring guest appearances by Anna Von Hausswolff, Neurosis' Steve Von Till, and Turkish harpist Zeynep Oyku. Longtime live guitarist Kody Keyworth (Aldebaran, Ardour Loom) was also made an official member.

"Born From The Serpent's Eye" opens the album with a medieval folk melody that quickly, beautifully transmutes into a fiery storm. It recalls the WITTR of Two Hunters and Black Cascade, but is immediately bolder, with a newfound ferocity that feels untethered to the past. The album version of "Born From The Serpent's Eye" is ten minutes long, with a gorgeous middle section sung by Anna Von Hausswolff. But for this video, directed by metal documentarians Peter Beste and Nico Poalillo, WITTR gives us four-and-a-half intense minutes. It almost feels like a black-metal single.

"This is our first video," the band tells NPR. "We lit a bonfire and blasted through the first part of 'Born From The Serpent's Eye.' You'll have to listen to the full track to hear Anna Von Hausswolff's glory. This is the first time we'd played the song with Kody and it f****** slayed. Peter and Nico captured the magic. May the good fires blaze!"

Thrice Woven comes out Sept. 22 via Artemisia Records.

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