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Japanese Breakfast's 'Road Head' Hits That State Between Wired And Zoned Out

Japanese Breakfast's Soft Sounds From Another Planet is really turning out to be a weird record — not outré, just a mode and mood that is both alluring and unsettling, like hitting that late-night caffeine state between wired and zoned out. So far, that's been reflected in the videos directed by Michelle Zauner, the project's founder and leader, herself — first there was the sci-fi love story for "Machinist," and now for positively resplendent cyborg-pop song "Road Head," both created with Adam Kolodny.

"For this one we wanted to focus on staging and an exaggerated color palette," Zauner writes in a press release, citing Wong Kar-wai's Fallen Angels and David Lynch's Twin Peaks as inspirations. In the video, she smokes cigarettes and bobs along to an absolutely hypnotic bass line with some chill alien dude, driving nowhere in a cool car and eating cheap ramen.

Soft Sounds From Another Planet comes out July 14 via Dead Oceans.

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