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HAIM Walks The Streets Of Its Hometown For 'Want You Back' Video

HAIM, one of our patron saints of the very real and not-fake roséwave, feels a certain way about heartbreak expressed with steadfast solidarity. "Want You Back" is the kind of ballad that evolves its emotion every time you hear it. "I said we were opposite lovers," sings Danielle Haim, with a sympathetic response from her sisters, "Said it from the beginning," before resigning, "You kept trying to prove me wrong." It's a pair of lines that shift the hurt back and forth between two people who can't figure each other out.

The band's new video, directed by Jake Schreier, was filmed at dawn in Sherman Oaks, Calif., in what looks like a single shot. It's almost a call-back to the super-fun choreography found in the video for "If I Could Change Your Mind," but far more restrained, air drumming and clipped shimmying down the streets of the same town where the three sisters grew up, just before bursting at the the final chorus.

Something To Tell You comes out July 7 on Columbia.

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