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Fire-Toolz's Electro-Metal Rave 'All Deth Is U' Gets An Appropriately Insane Video

Fire-Toolz's hyper-digitalia sounds like a row of belching slot machines expectorating into a pachinko machine in Hades. The glowstick noise that Angel Marcloid makes as Fire-Toolz is an oblong step past The Soft Pink Truth's electronic black-metal covers project in 2014, but far more unhinged — and that's saying something — and far more fluid in how it simultaneously dismantles and celebrates its own click-and-drag melange. The Chicago-based experimentalist's new album, Drip Mental, really doesn't make any sense. In fact, it's more enjoyable when you just accept that.

Maybe one way to grasp the glitched assault of Fire-Toolz is by meeting its visual equal. Marcloid directed and edited the video for "All Deth Is U [CODENAME_FINAL TOUCH LOCATION]," the album's glitched-n-screwed banger. Computer-generated images of — well, mostly computers, flashing and contorting on the screen just as quickly as the music. There is a brief nod to the sample of Billy Idol's "Eyes Without A Face" which drives its distorted melody, but watching "All Deth Is U" unfold is just as wild as the perverse sonic collage assembled.

Drip Mental is out now on Hausu Mountain, Bandcamp.

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