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Episode 754: I'm So Happy For You!

Valentine's Day candy.
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Valentine's Day candy.

Regret. Self-loathing. Jealousy. Love. Happy Valentine's Day! We have it all.

When we're not making podcasts, we're reading and watching and listening to stories on other podcasts and magazines and websites. And when we love something, we always ask, "Why didn't we do that?"

Today on the show, we bring you the little stories that we love so much we wish we had thought of them ourselves.

Our valentines go out to:

  • Ann Wroe, The Economist's obituary writer, who reveals the secret of distilling a life into a page.
  • Timothy W. Martin's story about a pension fund manager who does nothing all day, and is beating everyone.
  • Ernie Smith, the founder of Tedium, who makes the boring fascinating.
  • Ryan Staake, who directed the video for Young Thug's'Wyclef Jean' out of more or less, nothing.
  • Tanner Braungardt, a young, Kansas-based YouTube star who has built a miniature media empire out of his friends and his obsession with back flips and trampolines.
  • Reductress, a satirical women's magazine. Kind of like The Onion meets Cosmo.
  • *Note: We got the whole idea from Bloomberg BusinessWeek's annual "Jealousy List." Yeah, we were jealous of it.

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