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You Like Code Switch. Now Tell Us What You Think

Don't we look woke?
Hugo Rojo
Don't we look woke?

This April, Code Switch will celebrate its fourth birthday! For the past four years, we've brought you radio stories and blog posts. We've connected with you on social media. We've read your sometimes adoring, sometimes enraged emails. And last May, we (finally) launched the Code Switch podcast, where Shereen and Gene explore the fascinating ways that race, culture and identity intersect with the news.

So now, it's your turn to tell us: How are we doing? What do you love about Code Switch? What makes you want to scream at us? What would you like to see more of? What color should Kat dye her hair next? This is your chance to let it be known.

Here's our 2017 audience survey.

Don't hold back. We promise we can take it.

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Leah Donnella is an editor on NPR's Code Switch team, where she helps produce and edit for the Code Switch podcast, blog, and newsletter. She created the "Ask Code Switch" series, where members of the team respond to listener questions about how race, identity, and culture come up in everyday life.