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Episode 712: I Want My Money Back

Dan Keck

Sometimes you want your money back because you didn't get what you expected. Sometimes you want your money back because you changed your mind. Sometimes it's because someone stole your money. At one point or another, we have all thought: I want my money back!

Today on the show, we bring you three stories of people trying to get their money back.

We have a story from a hospital that experiments with refunds for surgery when a patient wasn't satisfied with the service. We have a company trying to fight back against scammers and snatch the ill-gotten money back from them. And — make sure you're sitting down for this one — negative interest rates in the global bond market. It fits the theme. Trust us.

Also listeners: Do you have a good story about getting your money back — or trying to? Tell us about it! Record a voice memo and email it to us at Try to keep the messages to about a minute or less. They might end up in a future episode.

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