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As 'The Summer Drones' On, Take A Psychedelic Pilgrimage With Inter Arma

There is a slow, metallic boogie to Inter Arma's "The Summer Drones" that sets the seven-minute track in a mystic heat. The rhythm section swings and riffs groan with Mike Paparo as he howls about treading through the "high desert plain / Where we'll accept our fate and take our rightful place / Among the devils and thieves nailed to the Joshua trees."

In a video co-directed by John Nunn and Mikael Simpson, a man runs out of water in Joshua Tree National Park as the sands burn orange, the skies swirl in pinks and purples and the once-lonesome landscape drips like the rainbow in an oil slick. Live footage by Frank Huang pits Inter Arma against the psychedelic backdrop. By the video's end, reality has been warped and fractured by the wanderer's pursuit of solitude under an unforgiving sun.

Paradise Gallows comes out today on Relapse.

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