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U.S. Ambassador Leaves Hospital After Attack In South Korea

Five days after his face and arm were slashed in an attack in Seoul, U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert has been released from the hospital. Doctors say the stitches from the cut to Lippert's face have been removed, but he has a deep cut on a finger that will still require attention.

From Seoul, NPR's Elise Hu reports:

"In a press conference before leaving the hospital, Lippert said that while there's more rehab left for his arm, he's eager to return to work.

" 'I'm walking, talking, holding my baby, hugging my wife — so I just feel really good,' he said."

"Lippert thanked all the well-wishers from the U.S. and South Korea who reached out during his hospital stay.

"Kim Gi Jong, the man police say is behind the attack, is still in custody. He's been charged with a violation of Korean national security law and attempted murder, among other charges.

"Lippert told reporters his security tactics are now under review, following the incident."

Noting the outpouring of support from Koreans — "signs, offers of food, flowers, cards" — Lippert said that he and his wife have become more attached to South Korea, where he assumed his post last fall. He stated that they will remain "open and friendly."

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Bill Chappell is a writer and editor on the News Desk in the heart of NPR's newsroom in Washington, D.C.