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The Folk Show Sunday Afternoon, Mar 1, with host Laurel Zydney

Fresh from the annual Folk Alliance Convention in Kansas City,  Laurel shares music from The Vivants, Rant Maggie Rant, Billy Strings & Don Julin, Kaia Kater, Patchy Sanders, Tillamook Burn, Red Moon Road, The Bombadils, Blanche Rowen & Mike Gulston, Amado Espinoza, Laura Cortese, Ashley Condon, Lizzy Hoyt, Bernadette Morris, Anna Janelle, Peggy Seeger, Jeff Black, Aallotar, David Llewellyn & Ida Kristin, Dom Flemons, Rant Maggie Rant, The Elders, Blanche Rowen and Mike Gulston, Dan Bern, Session Americana, MAZ, Chris Lee Becker, Charlie Mosbrock, Bernadette Morris, Ashley Condon, Dan Weber

The Folk Show Sun, Mar 1, 1-2PM, with host Laurel Zydney.