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Tegan and Sara, Charlie Christian, The Flaming Lips

Electric guitar great Charlie Christian; The unnatural sounds of Blip Hop; Reviving the Breton harp with Alan Stivell; A gorgeous new CD from Anouar Brahem; Canadian twin sisters Tegan and Sara; And battling pink robots with The Flaming Lips.

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Tegan and Sara, Charlie Christian, The Flaming Lips

Seven Come Eleven

Charlie Christian forever changed the way we hear the electric guitar.


Blip Hop music is made by mixing together an audio collage of almost entirely unnatural sounds.


Alan Stivell is an unlikely explorer into electronic sounds. He's a harpist who finds imaginative ways to use the instrument and create a new kind of music.

Leila au Pays du Carrousel (Variation)

Anouar Brahem is a master oud player. It's a pear-shaped Arab lute which he strives to use as a lead instrument, though it's usually reserved for accompaniment.

Monday, Monday, Monday

These 22 year old twin sisters from Canada are getting a lot of attention for this album. It's their second collection of great original pop.

Do You Realize??

This is the 11th album from The Flaming Lips. It's loosely based on the death of one of their fans.