Stacy Parks Miller

Centre County district attorney Stacy Parks Miller at the preliminary hearings for 18 Beta Theta Pi fraternity members on July 11, 2017.
Emily Reddy / WPSU

Preliminary hearings for 18 Penn State fraternity members charged in the hazing-related death of a pledge were scheduled to end Tuesday. But the judge has once again had to continue the case.

Defense attorneys for ten of the fraternity members have yet to cross-examine the detective on the case.

Questions for the detective so far largely revolved around clarifying each fraternity members’ involvement in the alcohol hazing of Timothy Piazza. Prosecutors say the hazing led Piazza to fall down a flight of stairs and die.

Bernie Cantorna and Stacy Parks Miller talking at events
Emily Reddy / WPSU

The Democratic primary race for Centre County District Attorney is being fought fiercely in Letters to the Editor, campaign mailers, debates and even Facebook pages specifically aimed at ousting current district attorney, Stacy Parks Miller.

There’s no Republican challenger on the ballot, so the winner of the Democratic primary will likely be the next district attorney.

Bernie Cantorna and a group of mostly women.
Emily Reddy / WPSU

Centre County District Attorney candidate Bernie Cantorna rallied supporters Tuesday night in State College. The longtime attorney is taking on two-term incumbent Stacy Parks Miller. 

Cantorna told the few dozen supporters at the "Women for Bernie" event if he's elected he'll focus on fairness, rehabilitation, crime prevention and reducing turnover within the DA's office. He said he’s been surrounded by strong women his whole life, like his mother.

“She put herself through school and became a nurse," Cantorna said. "She was a feminist before the word feminist existed.”