biker in traffic
Emma Lee / Newsworks

PennDOT is updating its statewide bicycle and pedestrian master plan. That includes a 22-question survey that will help regional and state planners.

Roy Gothie is PennDOT’s statewide bicycle and pedestrian coordinator. He said part of PennDOT’s job is to support riding and walking as transportation.

intersection aerial view

The public will have a chance to learn about plans for improving the intersection of routes 26 and 45 at a meeting Monday.

The intersection of state routes 26 and 45 near Pine Grove Mills has been the site of enough crashes that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has been studying what can be done to improve it.

Project Manager Leigh Woolridge said PennDOT has narrowed it down to three options. Two of those include installing a traffic light. The other would mean a two-lane roundabout.

It’s a weekday morning on North Atherton Street in State College. For David Reitter, a Penn State faculty member, and others commuting on that road, it usually means one thing.

“Just like everybody else, I get stuck in traffic.”

A gas line relocation project means torn up roads on North Atherton in advance of a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation roadway project. Drivers there dutifully merge from two lanes into one, sometimes well in advance of road work.