The Makery

I believe there is magic in in creating things with your own two hands.

Many of my earliest memories are of fashioning together Popsicle sticks, construction paper, yarn and anything else I could get my hands on. I would sit at my family’s kitchen table, lost for hours in the planning, purpose and possibility of making. In those moments, amid the buttons, cardboard and Elmer’s Glue, I felt free, capable and full of potential. I learned that there is visceral satisfaction and joy in creating beautiful, useful objects.

Woman and girls working with fabric
Emily Reddy / WPSU

The "maker" movement that has spread across the country over the last decade has taken hold in State College. Makers are focused on building and creating, sometimes through technology and sometimes through more traditional arts and crafts. They often gather in shared “Maker Spaces” to do their work.

WPSU visited two “Maker Spaces” in State College in the run up to this week’s inaugural Maker Week, organized by Schlow Library.

The Make Space