Jill Stein

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Emily Reddy / WPSU

A presidential recount effort in Centre County has failed. The County Board of Elections denied affidavits submitted by voters in 28 precincts asking that the ballots be reexamined.

Voters can request a recount by affidavit within five days after the closing of the ballot count. Centre County commissioner and elections board member Steve Dershem says the count closed on Nov. 17, so when the voters submitted their affidavits yesterday it was too late.

He says the fact that a recount would have been laborious wasn’t a part of the decision to deny it.

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Emily Reddy / WPSU

The last-minute presidential recount effort spearheaded by Green Party candidate Jill Stein is more complicated in Pennsylvania than in most states. In Pennsylvania, three voters from each precinct must file a notarized affidavit asking for the recount. 

Jamie Brenner is one of those who waited in line at the Centre County Elections Office in Bellefonte to submit affidavits. She voted for Hillary Clinton and heard about the recount effort on Facebook.

Jill Stein in front of a "Green Party" banner.
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Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein visited Penn State Wednesday to ask for votes and volunteers.

She talked to an audience of about 200 about her support for environmental movements, Black Lives Matter and free public education. Stein rejected the idea that voting for a third party was throwing away a vote.

“I won’t sleep well if Donald Trump gets elected. And I won’t sleep well if Hillary Clinton gets elected,” Stein said. “But we live in a democracy. We have more than two deadly choices. We can stand up for the democracy that we need.”