The Great American Read

As a part of the Great American Read, WPSU’s BookMark wants to hear from you!

PBS asked Americans to name their best-loved novel, and they’ve compiled a list of the top 100. You can view the list here.

Make a case for your favorite novel on the list through a BookMark review. In 500 words, tell us why you love the book and why it deserves the title “Great American Read.” Consider the following:

  • Why is this your favorite book? What is your personal connection to it? Tell us a story about how this book has affected you or impacted your life.
  • Where were you when you first read the book? Have you read it again since? How have your feelings toward the book changed or evolved?
  • What is unique or distinctive about this book’s style, this author’s voice, or the way the story is structured? What really sets it apart from other books?
  • What’s your favorite moment in the book? Describe how it makes you feel.
  • If you have a favorite passage, can you include it and talk about it?
  • Why should other people read this book? What will they get from it? 


You can submit your review here.


May the best novel win!