Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom is an occasional WPSU series about student learning beyond the university walls. In a time when potential employers are increasingly interested in more than just a grade point average, we’ll highlight college students taking part in internships and other hands-on learning experiences. Listen during Morning Edition and follow students as they pursue opportunities Beyond the Classroom.

Neha Gupta holding up statue.
Peter DeJong

Our series, Beyond the Classroom, focuses on exceptional students taking educational experiences far beyond their university classes. 

Beyond the Classroom: CarbonEARTH

Jun 10, 2014
Girl doing science experiment
Kelly Tunney / WPSU

Albert Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”  That’s the motivation behind the CarbonEARTH program at Penn State, where graduate students teach science to elementary students.

Kelly Doyle

WPSU’s occasional series “Beyond the Classroom” takes a look at learning beyond university walls. Today Kelly Doyle is a junior double majoring in “Community, Environment and Development” and “Environmental Resource Management” with a minor in “International Agriculture.”  She tells us about how those studies came to life on her recent trip to Central America.

Penn State Students Work to Create a Student Food Bank

May 13, 2014

Students at Penn State just wrapped up final exams.  You would expect students to worry about tests and grades, but it might surprise you that some students worry about where they’ll get their next meal.  WPSU intern Joyann Jeffrey reports two Penn State students are trying to help their classmates by creating a campus food bank. 

Steven Granich

  WPSU's Beyond the Classroom is our series featuring students engaging in hands-on experiences outside university walls. Today, WPSU's Kate Lao Shaffner takes us to Lock Haven University, where a group of students are traveling abroad as a class. The university will soon require all students to fulfill a global awareness requirement.