State College Mayor Elizabeth Goreham on homeowners, 'Hunger Games' and the Loo

Aug 26, 2014

"Five Questions with..." is a regular Keystone Crossroads feature where we seek to glean wisdom and ideas from some of Pennsylvania's top urban thinkers and doers. Elizabeth Goreham is the mayor of State College.

Q: Tell us about an amenity or service that you've seen in your travels to other places that you wish you could bring back to your city/community?

A: The way that cities in Europe and a growing number of cities in the U.S. make sustainability, public amenities and green infrastructure the central organizing principles of their community. They invest heavily in bike paths, bike routes, pedestrian walkways, parks, public transit,  public gathering places - with and without restaurants on the periphery; and educational outreach to residents - sometimes with incentives!  

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