Penn State Teach-In Addresses Violence In Charlottesville

Sep 5, 2017

Penn State students and faculty filled an overflowing Foster Auditorium Tuesday night to attend a panel discussion in the aftermath of the violent events in Charlottesville. The panelists aimed to bring historical and cultural context to the discussion.

The five panelists each took on different aspects of what happened in Charlottesville last month, when a white nationalist protest turned deadly.

The discussion looked at data showing resurging nativism and anti-immigrant sentiment and rebutted the idea that the Charlottesville protest was about free speech. The panelists were Penn State faculty members, and they told students that they have power in leading changes on campus.

Imaani Allen is a senior at Penn State. She agreed with the idea and said students should get more involved.

“If you just stay silent, then nothing’s gonna change. Don’t just say, ‘Oh, this is bad. That’s bad, and that’s worse,’" Allen said. "Get up and do something.”

Last month, Penn State president Eric Barron denied a request to have Richard Spencer, a prominent white nationalist, speak on campus.