Penn State Says 'Run, Hide, Fight' If An Attack Happens

Aug 29, 2018

Penn State Police Chief Keith Morris says 'Run, Hide, Fight' is the national standard.
Credit Anne Danahy / WPSU

Penn State is rolling out a program at all its campuses to teach students, faculty and staff how to respond if faced with a violent attack. 

Called 'Run, Hide, Fight,' it tells you what to do if someone comes into a classroom, office or other place and begins an attack. 

Adam Rawding, with the Penn State Police unit offering the training, said it goes into details about the options available if an attack occurs.

“You have to have the mindset to survive," Rawding said. "And, just because something doesn’t go your way, you have to be creative and think outside the box and keep trying.”

While Run, Hide, Fight is new to the university, Penn State Police Chief Keith Morris said the program is the national standard.

It’s endorsed by agencies including the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. Some students at Penn State will already be familiar with it, Morris said, because they got the training as early as middle school.

“It’s very easy: Run if you can, hide if you can’t, fight if you have to," he said.

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