The New Bellefonte Waterfront Development Could Start Construction As Early As Next Spring

Aug 1, 2018

The Borough of Bellefonte has entered a sales agreement with developers on the waterfront project.

The new Bellefonte Waterfront Development is located along Spring Creek between Lamb Street and High Street. The lot has been vacant since the historic Bush House Hotel burned down in 2006.

Details of the sales agreement are still under negotiation, but the 4-acre project will include a six- or seven-story hotel, restaurants, stores and apartments. The hotel would be about 17,800 square feet, including about 80 guest rooms.

The waterfront’s walkway and Talleyrand Park will remain public.

Developer Tom Songer said an engineering plan will be submitted to the borough in November, and he hopes to get input from the public on what the project should be like.

“We want your comments during the design phase, because we want this project to be an integral part of the Bellefonte community,” Songer said. Developers promised to set up a website offering details of the project and ways for the public to comment.

Developer Tom Songer showcases a conceptual illustration of the mixed-use building planned for the Bellefonte Waterfront Development.
Credit Min Xian / WPSU

Songer added that, although there’s no plan to get LEED certified because how costly it could be, the buildings will be energy efficient.

Borough Manager Ralph Stewart said, despite challenges in building a floodwall and managing the soil after the fire, the waterfront is ready for a rebirth.  

Construction of the site could begin as soon as spring 2019.