Longtime State House Rep. Camille "Bud" George Dies At 89

Sep 3, 2017

State Rep. Camille "Bud" George.
Credit Pennsylvania House of Representatives

One of Pennsylvania’s longest serving state representatives, Camille “Bud” George, died Friday at the age of 89. The Houtzdale native represented the 74th district for nearly four decades. The Democrat was known for fighting for his constituents and the environment.  

When Bud George left the Pennsylvania assembly at the age of 84, he was the last WWII veteran in the house. WPSU talked with him in 2012 about his time in state government and why he first decided to run.

“I said, ‘Hey, I can do something for Clearfield County if I go down there because I’m a working-class individual,’” George said. “’I understand the hurt, because I’ve been through it. I understand the need. I understand the dreams and the hopes and the aspirance.”

Reflecting on his 38 years in the house, George was happy with the job he’d done.

“I tried to represent people as people, not as politics,” George said. “And I had a pretty good career and I tried to do the things that I believe that fellow upstairs would want me to do.”

After George left the state house, he served as mayor of Houtzdale.

Bud George is survived by his wife Edna. They celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Aug. 29.