Latest Water Quality Testing At Penn State Is Good News

Oct 4, 2017

Rob Cooper, director of energy and engineering at Penn State, said the latest round of water quality testing is good news.

“We sampled 60 locations, and we had zero exceedances over the 15 parts per billion action level.”

Cooper has been part of the university’s team monitoring the lead levels in water in university buildings.

Lead is a metal that can get into water through pipes. It is linked to major health problems, particularly for children and pregnant women. The university has emphasized that it doesn’t use lead piping on campus.

“We’re hopeful that next month’s sample yields the same results and that the university can go back to a three-year sampling and the community doesn’t have anything to worry about.”

The university is working with the state Department of Environmental Protection on the monitoring and notifying the community about the process. Testing results and information are available at

I’m Anne Danahy, WPSU.