Judge Orders Contempt Hearing for Beta Theta Pi Live-In Advisor

Aug 11, 2017

Defense attorneys for Penn State fraternity members charged in the death of Timothy Piazza believe the live-in advisor is liable for the tragedy. District Judge Allen Sinclair ordered a contempt hearing for Tim Bream on Friday.

Bream has not been charged in the case, but defense attorney Leonard Ambrose said it was evident that Bream knew about and approved of the events in the fraternity and directed two members to delete group messages.

"He was the captain of the ship," Ambrose said. "He was in charge."

A licensed private investigator, Jeffery Johnson, testified on the fifth day of the hearing. He said he made multiple attempts, from over a month, to serve Bream a subpoena for the preliminary hearing.

Johnson said he came into contact with Bream, who identified himself on the phone but didn’t show up to receive the subpoena.

Ambrose argued that Bream was aware of the subpoena and avoided it. 

District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said there’s no chargeable culpability for Bream, and whether he approved or not doesn’t excuse the liability of any defendants.

Although a contempt hearing is issued, Bream would have the right to plead the Fifth Amendment.

Thomas Kline, representing the Piazza family, urged Bream to show up on August 30th, and "actually answer the questions".