Anne Danahy


Anne Danahy is a reporter at WPSU. She was a reporter for nearly 12 years at the Centre Daily Times in State College, Pennsylvania, where she earned a number of awards for her coverage of issues including the impact of natural gas development on communities. 

She earned a bachelor's degree in communications from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and a master's degree in media studies from Penn State.

Before joining WPSU, she worked as a writer and editor at Strategic Communications at Penn State and with the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute before that.

She hosts a Q&A program for Centre County's government and education access station and teaches a news writing and reporting class at Penn State.  

Ways to Connect

Penn State employees remove canopies belonging to members of the Nittany Valley Watershed Coalition from the site the university has sold to Toll Brothers for a student housing development.
Nittany Valley Watershed Coalition

Penn State has followed through on its warning to protestors of a proposed housing development on Whitehall Road in State College. The university evicted the group Wednesday morning.

Rob Cooper, director of energy and engineering at Penn State, said the latest round of water quality testing is good news.

“We sampled 60 locations, and we had zero exceedances over the 15 parts per billion action level.”

Cooper has been part of the university’s team monitoring the lead levels in water in university buildings.

Lead is a metal that can get into water through pipes. It is linked to major health problems, particularly for children and pregnant women. The university has emphasized that it doesn’t use lead piping on campus.

No smoking symbol

Smokers who live, work or study on any Penn State campus may soon have to find somewhere else to light up.

Pointing to the health of the university community, the Penn State Smoke Free/Tobacco Free Task Force made the recommendation that the University become tobacco-free.

“We hope to see a healthier Penn State because of it. That was the impetus for the recommendations from the taskforce, and that really was the foremost thought in the process. We would really love to see everyone associated with Penn State be a little healthier because of it.”


When you have a question about voting, polling places or legislative districts in Centre County, a good place to start is the Elections Office. So, that’s where I began my quest to find the place in the State College area where three state legislative districts come together.

After rolling out a detailed map, Joyce McKinley, director of elections in Centre County, tries to pinpoint the spot.

“The 81st legislative district. It’s surrounded by the 77th and the 171st. That’s Zurich Road and Knob Hill Road, and this is Circleville Road.”

It’s a weekday morning on North Atherton Street in State College. For David Reitter, a Penn State faculty member, and others commuting on that road, it usually means one thing.

“Just like everybody else, I get stuck in traffic.”

A gas line relocation project means torn up roads on North Atherton in advance of a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation roadway project. Drivers there dutifully merge from two lanes into one, sometimes well in advance of road work.

milk jug sign in a field
Emily Reddy / WPSU

Deb Nardone, executive director of ClearWater Conservancy, says the Slab Cabin Run initiative is important for the community’s drinking water and the water quality of the Slab Cabin stream that runs through the land. It’s also an opportunity to preserve 300 acres of farmland.

“We have a community and decision-makers and the public who have come forward and have supported an initiative that helped help protect the place that we love,” Nardone says.

If the term “automated vehicles” makes you think of the distant future, you might be in for a surprise. The future of AVs was the focus of a statewide summit Monday in State College.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Secretary Leslie Richards said AVs offer opportunities for boosting safety and the economy. That includes reducing traffic deaths.

“With 94 percent of those fatalities being attributed to human distraction, we know that AV and connected vehicle technology is going to allow us to reduce that number in a big way, many think to zero,” Richards said.

Old Main building at Penn State

Whether graduate assistants at Penn State can vote on unionizing has been the focus of hearings the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board is holding in State College. The hearings are scheduled to end Wednesday.

Liana Glew is a graduate assistant in the English Department at Penn State and record keeper for the Coalition of Graduate Employees. She wants to make the university a better place for all graduate employees.