• October 12
  • Weis Center for the Performing Arts, Lewisburg
  • October 12, 2017
  • Category: Dancing/Dances

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Thursday, Oct. 12, 7:30 p.m. Weis Center San Francisco’s Alonzo King LINES Ballet leaps to uncharted heights with bold new dance innovations that break the mold of what ballet can be. LINES Ballet thrives on collaboration, pairing music from all over the globe with King’s extraordinary dancers who have earned a fiercely devoted following. King’s choreography dazzles audiences by digging into the mysteries of movement and bringing honesty and urgent spirituality to the stage. While at the Weis Center they will perform Art Songs and Biophony. More info at: http://www.Bucknell.edu/WeisCenter Ticket info at: http://www.Bucknell.edu/BoxOffice and 570-577-1000

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