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  • April 21, 2017
  • 6:00 pm
  • $495
  • Early bird pricing before March 15th: $450
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Event Description

Every Kid’s Yoga approaches the art of teaching yoga to groups of children as an integrated process that views them along a continuum in terms of ability and need. Because we are likely to encounter those identified as “typically developing” alongside those identified as having “special needs”, yoga teachers must have the ability to quickly assess group and individual needs and to respond accordingly. Therefore in this training you will learn how to teach yoga to groups of children with varied abilities and needs. Discover the many ways that yoga can promote the healthy development of children, ages 4-12. In addition to learning all you need to know about creating a children’s yoga class, you will learn how the practice of yoga addresses difficulties with attention, self-regulation, speech and language, learning, and sensory processing. This program is appropriate for yoga teachers and parents, teachers and therapists with a personal yoga practice who are interested in sharing the gift of yoga with children.

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