Greg Petersen

An archived recording of a concert in the Jazz@ThePalmer series recorded in September 2017.  The concert features the Arthur Goldstein Quartet, featuring Arthur Goldstein on keyboard and vocals, Kevin Lowe on drums, Steve Bowman on saxophone, and Jim Robinson on bass. The concert is supported in part by the Friends of the Palmer Museum and Fred and Judy Sears.  

Performances include “Falling Grace,” “ Perry’s Scope,” “Dreamboat Relaunch,” “Perhaps,” “Ida Lupino,” “First Things,” “Boliva,” “Sometime Ago,” and a medley of Thelonious Monk compositions. 

This I Believe: I Believe In Mindful Attentiveness

Feb 1, 2018

I believe in the small joy of washing with carrot-ginger soap.

I believe in baking five-grain rye bread with cracked rye berries, naturally leavened with sourdough and baked on a hot stone. Taking baths in the dark with candlelight. Canning dill green beans and pickling beets.

I believe in picnicking by wooded streams while waiting for my wife and friends to finish hiking, which I don’t believe in.

John Griffiths and A.J. Dereume, co-handlers of Punxsutawney Phil, stand with the famous groundhog
Anne Danahy / WPSU

John Griffiths is chopping up vegetables for Phil’s lunch. The groundhog dines in style. 

“I’m cutting up sweet potatoes,” he explains.

Every year thousands of people travel to Punxsutawney to witness Punxsutawney Phil’s weather forecast. If he sees his shadow it means six more weeks of winter. If not, we get an early spring. 

Griffiths is a handler in what’s known as Punxsutawney Phil’s Inner Circle. His duties include everything from preparing lunch for the famous groundhog to handling him on Groundhog Day.

Governor Tom Wolf and residents attending Tuesday's discussion pose for a group photo in the council chamber of the State College Municipal Building.
Min Xian / WPSU

Governor Tom Wolf visited State College on Tuesday to talk with residents about ways to draw a new congressional map for the state.

Joined by about 100 local residents, a panel of Penn State faculty and students and community leaders, Wolf said the goal is to have a fair map.

State College was the first stop as Wolf makes his way across the state to take input from constituents. 

The state supreme court ruled last week that the current map is unconstitutional and gave the legislature until February 9th to deliver a new map to Wolf.

President Donald Trump addresses a joint session of Congress, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017.
Jim Lo Scalzo / AP Photo

President Trump is delivering his State of the Union address to Congress, which will be followed by a response from the Democratic Party. Journalists across the NPR newsroom will be annotating those remarks, adding fact-checks and analysis in real time. Live Stream Will Begin at 9pm ET.


Rep. Joe Kennedy, D-Mass., smiles on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, July 26, 2017.
Jacquelyn Martin / AP Photo

Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy III, seen as a rising political star with a famous last name, will deliver the Democratic response to President Trump's State of the Union. In announcing their decision, Democratic leaders in Congress called Kennedy a "relentless fighter for working Americans." Kennedy is the grandson of the late Robert Kennedy, the former U.S. attorney general and New York senator who was assassinated in 1968. He is also the great nephew of both the late Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy and the late president John F. Kennedy.

medical marijuana clinic
Anne Danahy / WPSU

Bradford is a historic town on the northern Pennsylvania border. An empty storefront will soon be one of the state’s medical marijuana clinics.

“It’s right in the heart of our downtown on Main Street,” said Tom Riel, mayor of Bradford. He was standing in front of the future clinic, surrounded by shops and apartments in an old-fashioned downtown.  To Riel, the clinic will be the same as a new pharmacy opening up.

Cresco Yeltrah

Diana Briggs gives her son, Ryan, a very small dose of medical marijuana every night — carefully putting a coconut oil in his feeding tube.

“All right Ryan, it’s time for your special medicine.”

Ryan suffered from a lack of oxygen at birth that injured his brain. It left him with many challenges, including seizures — some days in the hundreds.

“My son had never slept. I can look back at Facebook posts from years ago where I was praying and begging people to pray that Ryan would sleep. He was seizing 72 hours straight with no break,” Diana Briggs said.

Light in the Attic Records

An archive recording of the WPSU Blues Show as broadcast on January 27, 2018, hosted by Max Spiegel. 

In the first hour, hear tracks from Little Walter, Leo Kottke, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, The Modern Lovers, The Johnny Otis Show, The Black Keys. Alabama Shakes, Bob Dylan, Dr. John, and more.

Womex / Creative Commons

An archive edition of the WPSU Jazz show as broadcast on January 26, 2018 and hosted by Greg Halpin.  

The first hour of the program features all new jazz releases from Rodney Jordan, Roberto Tarenzi, the Eliot Zigmund Quartet, John Surman, the Bob Stenson Trio, Siril Malmedal Hauge & Jacob Young, New Faces, the Oddgeir Berg Trio, and Jason Marsalis and the 21st Century Trad Band.


NPR Stories

Updated at 5:02 p.m. ET

A redacted, unclassified version of a much-anticipated memo drafted by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and the other Democrats on the House intelligence committee was released Saturday evening just as Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., the panel's chairman, addressed an annual gathering of conservatives.

Hysni Rexha, a cheerful 51-year-old farmer in western Kosovo, loves the United States unconditionally.

"Because of America, my country exists," he declares, walking through what he calls his "wildlife garden" of caged peacocks, doves, exotic chickens and a sad hawk.

"So when Donald Trump was elected America's president, I named my favorite wolf after him."

The wolf is one of four Rexha says he found as puppies and domesticated.

Political enthusiasts travel to Washington and finance types can visit Wall Street, but for emergency dispatch buffs there's Haleyville, Ala.: the site of the very first 911 call.

"I think there's a great deal of pride in it," says Haleyville Mayor Ken Sunseri. "We have influenced the entire world."

The town wears its achievement with pride. A highway sign outside town declares "Haleyville — Where 911 Began." Banners hanging from street lights bear the town seal, featuring a red phone receiver and the words "Home Of 911."

In December 2009, a small painting by Edgar Degas was quietly stolen from the Cantini museum in Marseille, France. Museum staff discovered Les Choristes was missing when they arrived in the morning, and the prosecutor suggested it could be an inside job because the painting had been unscrewed from the wall and there was no evidence of a break-in.

What would our schools really be like if teachers carried guns in their classrooms? If, as President Trump first suggested at this week's White House meeting with families who have suffered school shootings, 20 percent of teachers were armed?

He repeated the idea in tweets the next day, saying "20% of teachers, a lot, would now be able to ... immediately fire back if a savage sicko came to a school with bad intentions ... Far more assets at much less cost than guards. A 'gun free' school is a magnet for bad people. ATTACKS WOULD END!"

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Educators Fear And Embrace Calls For Concealed Carry In The Classroom

After last week's shooting in Parkland, Fla., calls to arm teachers and school personnel have intensified. Both President Trump and the National Rifle Association argued this week that enabling school officials to shoot back could save lives and could deter potential assailants from entering a school. Trump has clarified that he believes only those "adept" at using firearms should be armed, not all teachers. Teachers are already carrying concealed guns in a handful of states, including Ohio....

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One By One, Companies Cut Ties With The NRA

Updated at 1 p.m. ET Saturday As a groundswell grows against the National Rifle Association in the aftermath of last week's school massacre in Parkland, Fla., several businesses say they are ending their partnerships with the gun advocacy group. The brands — ranging from insurance companies to airlines to rental car agencies — announced their decisions on social media, many in direct response to tweets demanding change under the trending hashtag #boycottNRA . Activists are seeking to name and...

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Scientists Aim To Pull Peer Review Out Of The 17th Century

The technology that drives science forward is forever accelerating, but the same can't be said for science communication. The basic process still holds many vestiges from its early days — that is the 17th century. Some scientists are pressing to change that critical part of the scientific enterprise. Here's what they're confronting: When researchers studying the biology of disease make a discovery, it typically takes nine months for them to get their results published in a journal. One reason...

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Massacre Of Teens In Norway Retold As A Feature Film

As the teenage survivors of last week's high school shooting in Parkland, Fla. speak out to demand tighter gun control regulation, the young victims of a 2011 massacre in Norway still struggle to be heard and understood. U – July 22, a new movie which premiered this week at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival, tries to give a voice to those victims. On July 22, 2011, after detonating a bomb that killed eight people in Oslo, a right-wing extremist disguised as a policeman turned up at...

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Trump Administration Restricts H-1B Worker Visas Coveted By High Tech

The Trump administration is tightening the rules for companies that contract out high-skilled workers who are in this country on H-1B visas. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency issued a new policy memo on Thursday that requires "detailed statements of work or work orders" about the work that will be performed when an H-1B visa worker is employed at a third-party work site. Employers will have to file more details that support the need for foreign talent. H-1B visas are...

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Patton Oswalt On His Late Wife's Search For The Golden State Killer

Writer Michelle McNamara was fascinated by true crime. She created the website True Crime Diary and became mesmerized by a series of crimes from the 1970s and '80s: 50 sexual assaults and at least 10 brutal murders committed in Northern California by a violent psychopath who she called "The Golden State Killer." McNamara was at work on a book she hoped might deliver the killer to justice — or at least comfort the victims' families — when she died suddenly in her sleep in 2016. She was 46....

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Sometimes We Feel More Comfortable Talking To A Robot We spend a lot of time talking to Alexa and Siri. Imagine if such artificial personalities were put inside a cute, adorable robot. That's what Alexander Reben has done. The artist created what he saw as the perfect interview machine to see how much he could get people to reveal to the robot. Reben's experiments with human robot interactions began when he was working on his master's degree in robotics at MIT. He built a robot called Boxie . It was...

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Daring To Dream: A Carpenter Tries To Build A Piano In Rwanda

It's Monday afternoon and Désiré Mulumeoderwa is alone in his workshop, an oasis of quiet and creativity from the parade of motorbikes and perpetual hustle outside on Kigali's streets. The mud floor is littered with planks of wood in all shapes and sizes, scraps of plastic and other discarded materials Mulumeoderwa uses in his carpentry work. Chairs, cupboards and bed frames are in various stages of construction around the dimly-lit shop. Off in a corner by the door is a project unlike any...

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The Russia Investigations: More Pleas, More Charges — Any More Preparation?

This week in the Russia investigations: More newcomers join Mueller's roll of honor; the feds meet with state officials on election security; and Washington starts thinking about considering some potential planning to defend the 2018 midterms. Guilty Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller broke his own record this week for guilty pleas. On Tuesday, Dutch attorney Alex van der Zwaan appeared in federal court and admitted he had lied to investigators about his contacts with Donald...

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U.N. Security Council Passes Syria Cease-Fire After Hundreds Killed In Bombing Siege

Updated at 3:30 pm ET The United Nations Security Council has approved a resolution calling for a 30-day cease-fire in Syria, following one of the bloodiest weeks of aerial bombardment in the war that has devastated the country. In the eastern suburbs of Damascus, a region called Eastern Ghouta , nearly 500 people have been killed in a deadly escalation by the Syrian government that began Sunday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told The Associated Press. More than 120 of the dead are...

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Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Mind-Bending Pleasures Of 'Annihilation'

Annihilation -- the movie, not the experience — is creepy. Very creepy. There are elements of traditional horror in the latest film from Alex Garland ( Ex Machina ), which is based not very closely on the Jeff VanderMeer novel of the same name. But more than that, it's a film that capitalizes on its ability to create creeping, visceral dread. Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson and Tuva Novotny play women on an expedition into a mysterious and dangerous place...

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FDA Finds Hazards Lurking In Parsley, Cilantro, Guacamole

Last fall, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration started looking for dangerous bacteria in a few of America's most beloved fresh foods: parsley, cilantro, basil, and prepared guacamole. The very freshness of these foods carries a risk. Since they aren't normally cooked, they may harbor nasty bugs like salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. The testing has barely begun, but the agency has released the first results, revealing that it has, in fact, discovered disease-causing microbes in a small...

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'The Dialogues' Takes On Physics And Reality In Words And Pictures

The origin of the universe, the nature of space, the reality of time: These are ancient questions. Libraries across the world are filled with heavy books that are, themselves, heavy with equations on these issues. But how many graphic novels are exploring these questions? More importantly, how many graphic novels written and drawn by expert theoretical physicists are there? Well, happily for us all, the answer to the latter question is "at least one," thanks to University of Southern...

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The Enduring Lyricism Of W.E.B. Du Bois' 'The Souls Of Black Folk'

It was no accident that W.E.B. Du Bois called his book The Souls Of Black Folk , says Ibram X. Kendi, author of Stamped From The Beginning: The Definitive History Of Racist Ideas In America . Du Bois wasn't looking for a catchy title — he was reacting to the reality of his times. "Racist Americans were making the case that black people did not have souls," Kendi says. "And the beings that did not have souls were beasts." Friday is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Du Bois, the great...

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Seychelles Finds A Novel Way To Swap Its Debt For Marine Protections

The Seychelles have brokered a novel deal that will allow the island archipelago to swap millions of dollars in sovereign debt for protecting nearly one third of its ocean area. It's hailed as the first of its kind. "Seychelles is clearly breaking new grounds and with it, it has positioned itself as a world leader in ocean governance and management," Seychelles vice president Vincent Meriton said in remarks announcing the new protections. And hopes are high that this could serve as a model...

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Kacey Musgraves, Champion Of New Nashville, Announces 'Golden Hour' With Two Songs

With a little help, Kacey Musgraves has spent the past five years building a new musical world in Nashville. Now, with two new songs from her upcoming album Golden Hour , she's showing the world that she is fully living in it. Casual country fans know Musgraves best for her 2013 debut, Same Trailer, Different Park , which won her two Grammy awards and a passionate following dominated by young women like herself: Southerners and others figuring out how live free in the postmodern world while...

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Ann Curry On Journalism, Her PBS Series And Working On The 'Today' Show

Journalist Ann Curry's parents met in Japan after World War II. Her American father was stationed there, and her mother was Japanese. But when her father asked the military for permission to marry, the military refused — at the time, servicemen weren't allowed to marry Japanese women. Her father was quickly reassigned, and two years went by before Curry's parents reunited. Even then things weren't easy — her grandmother disapproved of the match, her mother contracted tuberculosis. But the...

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Deadline Is Wednesday For WPSU's Art for the Airwaves Contest

Submit your artwork, reflecting life in Central or Northern Pennsylvania, by 5:00pm on February 28. You'll find contest details at the link below.

Announcing The 2018 Tiny Desk Contest It's time to crank up the amps, warm up the drum machines, dust off the sax (or whatever your instrument of choice is) and enter the Tiny Desk Contest . When we started the contest in 2014, we did it for one simple reason: We love discovering new music. And since then, this contest has been an amazing way to do just that. I've been thrilled to discover new artists from around the country and hear some unforgettable music through your videos. I've...

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